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Lisbon and its walking!


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Another randomly timed entry, so lets begin where I left off!

Madrid, our final day here, very upsetting as it's such a beautiful place but as there wasn't much time for any major activities we decided to walk around the Spanish streets and take them in one final time. We strolled from our apartment down through Sol, to the Royal Palace and through the Plaza Mayor one last time, but walking makes you hungry so from here we set out for lunch, this was a very debated topic as neither of us could decide upon a place until we agreed upon Mecardo De San Miguel which is lisbons oldest covered market. Now when we got there it was another debate about what to eat as you can find anything here, but it was decided meat was the way to go and thus shaved ham and mini chorizo was purchased and no the photo does not do it justice!


So we boarded the overnight, 9 hours of comfort is what I wish it was, but neither of us got much sleep, we'll I would have until the police woke me up ... Bloody border control.

So here we are Lisbon, the Capitol of the Portugese Empire. As we unloaded from our train and exited the stadium we found it extremely foggy and damp from recent rain so we weren't expecting sunshine and rainbows but that soon changed after we woke up from our nap after arriving at our apartment. We were greeted to a wonderful afternoon by Lisbons weather and Judit our Hungarian tour guide from Lisbon's chill out free tours who gave us a private tour since we were the only couple to show up.

Judith's tour took us all around Lisbon, from roofless churches, to elevators, to churches with roofs, and many more of Lisboa's iconic sights but for me the highlight of the tour is by far the view of the sunset over the Lisbon skyline as we entered the area of Santa Maria church and the highest point of Lisbon. It was a wonderful tour and honestly too much to write about so ill leave you with some pictures :)


Now the next day was intense, without that coffee after dinner I may have well fallen asleep on the way home!

Anyway, Sintra was our destination, about 40 minutes out of lisbon. This place is stunning to simply put it, Sintra is where the national palace and some other castles are placed and its a wonder how they got everything up there to build it, as it has steep hills and not just one! This place just kept going horizontally and vertically, but the tiresome walk was very much worth it as the views we got were breathtaking. Unfortunately though as soon as we got to the Moorish Castle some very heavy fog rolled in making it impossible to see about 15 metres infront, so we quickly moved on to the national palace. This is where most of the Portugese Royal Family resided from the 1850's onwards, it to was a wonderful sight and well worth the walk as not only did we get to see the wonderful exterior but also majority of the interior was open for viewing.


You could say the walk back down would have been easier, if we didn't get lost that is!

Can't forget the food
Day 1 involved the best steak is Lisbon so they claimed, and it certainly did live up to its reputation!


Day 2 (which we didn't get photos of) was a traditional continho which is a small restaurant usually run by family, this one in particular was run by a couple so only had 2 staff and around 20 seats, the idea is to order a couple of dishes and have the in succession, similar to the Spanish tapas.
Round 1: black pork suckling with bell pepper jam ... Yum
Round 2: scrambled eggs with a chicken sausage thing, had a special name not even going to try to remember it!
Round 3: pork stew ... This was incredibly I can't even describe how good it was
Round 4: beef dish with a curry like sauce, very tasty and goooood
Round 5: the walk home!

That's Lisbon so far.

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