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Le Premier Jour

Day One

2 °C

Today was an eventful day but short, as we woke up quite early due to the body clock being thrown out!

We started of by getting our tickets for our next destination (Toulouse) that was an adventure in its self since the station was huge, once that was done we finally got to it and set ourselves towards cite which is the original island of Paris.

Once at cite we caught up the with guide for the walking tour, Pierre was an excellent guide, we started off with the famous building where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned during the revolution of 1789


From there we moved back onto the island and we were taken to the town hall of Paris, unfortunately they are building an ice skating rink in front so we couldn't get up close to get a better shot.


We were then led through the oldest part of Paris through the tiny streets and appeared to be right next to the Norte Dame, one of Paris' biggest attractions and you can see why! From just the outside you jaw drops, so I think the photos will do the talking


From here we were told it was time for the renowned Lourve Museum but on the way we got to see a bullet ridden nazi hideout and the bridge with the locks Pon De Arts


And then there's the Lourve, you simply cannot describe how ridiculous this building is, it simply keeps going ... And going. With every last inch as interesting as the next. The tour guide said if you spent just 60 seconds at each item you would be there for a crazy 2 years 4 months!!


Well there we have it, day one down many more to go.
We are both exhausted, in our room eating cheese and drinking some wine!!

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Flight 409

So here we are finally in a bed in Paris! So just a short entry since it was an uneventful day.

The flight was awesome, long but awesome, nothing but good things to say about emirates. The food was very good for plane cuisine so that's also a major bonus, and as I said before nothing beats smashing beers at 35,000 feet (and a scotch and coke here and there)

Getting to our place of stay was quite easy if you knew where you were going, but we didn't, so after about 20 minutes of walking around I decided to suck up my pride and ask for directions, and now we are here :)

Photo of the day goes to mum crying as I leave the airport!


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